GEICO Mobile App Reviews

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No Hassles

Easy and Convenient - really is the most efficient and up to date app out!!!!


So easy and convenient to check payment schedules and what my policy actually has/means. Cheapest car insurance I found for myself, and trust me think I checked all I could. Its my first insurance being on my own so Im very impressed!


I love the idea that I can access my information at any time I want. Its easy

Informational App Only, at least for me

While I can review everything about my account within the app on my iPad, I was trying to make a glass claim and none of the drop-down menus are working; none. I couldnt even select a topic to comment on from feedback section of the app from that drop-down menu due to non responsiveness. The only drop-down that worked was under the email section within the app, so I sent the feedback from there. For me, anything that has to be manipulated and information entered I will stick with my computer.

Pretty freaking good app

Works as expected

Its good

Easy to use and very fast!!!

Totally Awesome

Its a really good app.

Absolutely painless

Have used GEICO for a few years now. The APP is great. Has any, and all info you may need to access for any reason. Plus, I work overnights, and cant call during 9-5 each day. Just had an issue, and called to speak to a real person. This is something that can drive you "insane". However, I was connected to a "real human" within one or two minutes, and my issue was corrected in about smother 60 seconds. Outstanding customer service, and my insurance rates are better by far with GEICO than any other company by $100s of dollars per year. Thanks Chris from customer service at GEICO thus morning for the pleasure.

No Apple Pay or Apple Wallet Support

I cant pay my premium with Apple Pay. And I cant add my auto insurance card to Apple Wallet like Allstate and Esurance have long allowed you to.


Too tired to write what Id normally write but basically this app is everything I wanted it to be. Cheers


Geicos App is great. Very Easy to navigate. It has everything I need plus some. Easy mobile claim process. Very satisfied! 8/5/2016

Love the app!

Its very neat easy to use. Intuitive yet has all the information you need in one place. Very pleasant experience overall. Love it.

Geico app

Really cool and easy app to use. Really helpful!!

As good as the browser

Pretty much has everything available, same as the browser. Beats the heck outta Progressive (my last insurance company).


Easy to use, everything I need in one place!!! Great app, great job!!!!

Very good


Great App

Easy to use

Great Savings.

We saved a lot of money on full coverage Insurance on a limited budget.

Great app

Works great for everything I need to do

I was able to make a payment.

So it works for me.

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